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1. Torah is the foundation of our Christian faith.

2. As we learn more about the Biblical Hebrew Language, we will gain greater insight into the New Testament Teachings...and the Word itself, will settle all disputes.

TorahIsTeaching.blog is about making the connection between our Christian faith and our Jewish Heritage, in the faith. For generations, most if not all Christians have been taught the New Testament, as if it is totally separate and distinct from what is contained in the Hebrew Scriptures. As a result, the New Testament is tragically misunderstood, at large.

There are people risking their lives all over the world for a glimpse of what we as Christians already possess. But, I believe they perceive more deeply than we do. They really hear the word and they have found the heart of torah beneath the surface. They don’t just hear words, they perceive GOD. They are living proof of what we have yet to accept and to discoverthat there is no sure foundation in the Word, without a solid foundation in the torah.

On the mission field, you need GOD now. You don’t have time for all your intellectual reasonings, your doctrines and philosophies. You need Jesus, Yeshua Ha’Mashiach. You have no time for comforts, no time for you. It’s not even about you! You don’t have time for man made barriers between you and GOD. It is no wonder that, the souls on the mission fields can grasp in less than 60 minutes, what we can spend a lifetime trying to understand from the position of the pew.

TorahIsTeaching.blog is about re-establishing the connection between our Christian faith and our Hebrew Heritage. We need both hands for the work, one to build with and the other one, to fight the good fight. —Nehemiah 4:17

Something else you should know about TorahIsTeaching.blog

It is my hope that as Christians study torah, we will not only embrace our Jewish Roots and Hebrew Heritage, but that such a fire will be ignited in our spirits, that we will endeavor to be a unified voice throughout the branches of Christianity. The divisiveness within our faith is done. (I decree and declare it!) We are building bridges in honor of our greatest strength, our common love and affection for GOD and His Word.

The s’hma says, “Hear O Israel, the LORD our GOD is One, the LORD our GOD, is One GOD.” (Deut. 6:4). If GOD says “He is One”, there must be some Oneness in us as well.

When the Children of Israel came before GOD at Mt. Sinai to receive the torah, the covenant was not solidified between GOD and the nation until they came together with One Heart, One Mind, and One Spirit.

They said, ‘All that God has spoken, we will do and we will hear.’ (Exodus 24:3-7) Next to the shma, I believe that is one of the most important pages that we need to focus on in the book, getting back to the heart of the message. Putting the Word of GOD in action is far more important that trying to prove who is right, and who is the greatest servant of GOD (denominationally speaking). The greatest servant of all gets the work done mostly in secret, they are humble, kind, loving, patient, long suffering, generous about everything they do. And did I say humble? I strongly believe that GOD must be given priority over and above denominationalism.


TorahIsTeaching to put GOD above denominationalism, divisiveness and disunity. Those are not our weapons. The weapons of our warfare were never meant for each other. We have bigger enemies in the spirit that we need to conquer, together. We all agree there is a great commission, right? Let’s focus on the great commission and get to work.

Studying torah is like falling in love with your husband or wife of years and years, all over again. Torah just reminds you of why you fell in love with GOD in the first place!

We have divided Christianity into 1200 different denominations, (at least). If we conservatively whittled that down to 300 denominations, isn’t there still something wrong with that? I am saying that we have spent enough time on our differences. Let’s focus on torah. Let’s get back to the root of GOD’s language, where we will find there is no division, no disunity. Torah is what we have in common.

This is my motivation behind every message… returning to the love language of GOD. I believe that the only thing on earth that can possibly accomplish our unification in the spirit, is GOD’s language itself. It is time to find out.

Christ said, “I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now.” (John 16:12). Every time I think about that, it breaks my heart. To think that there was something He really wanted to say, something more, but He knew we weren’t ready for it. They were in the presence of Christ, and couldn’t bear the fullness of what He desired to tell them. What did He want to say, that our immaturity, or some other ridiculous form of behavior prevented us from hearing? When are we going to get to the point that we can bear to hear the hard sayings?

When are we going to be able to bear the fullness of the Word? What is wrong with us? What does Christ want to say to us now? Are we ready now? If not now, when?

One Heart, One Mind, One Spirit,

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