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Man is a messenger who forgot the message.

Abraham Joshua Heschel

NEW PLAN: Current Book Club Members have decided to continue reading The Prophets for the next calendar month covering May 15th through June 14th. It appears the book has captivated the club!

I especially love that the universal comment is that way his messages just stuns you to the core and renders you speechless!. His mastery of the GOD’s message is spectacular. All I can say is, “Continue the Journey!”

Beginning April 14th – May 14th, 2019 the Book Club will begin a New Book entitled, The Prophets, Volumes 1 & 2 by Abraham Joshua Heschel. His book is not available as an ebook at this time. However, if you are interested in reading along with me, you can purchase a copy through several book sellers, including Barnes and Noble and (links attached). Below, I have included the purchasing details on the book for your convenience.

Our objective is to read volume 1 only during the time frame of April 14th through May 14th. Book Club participants, I’m certain, will desire to complete the entire book at their leisure. At first blush, The Prophets appears to be a difficult read. I encourage you to press in and stay with it. I’m very confident that each of you will treasure this book for life!

The Prophets is published by: Hendrickson Publisher, Peabody, Mass. December 2010 (3rd Printing) ISBN-10 1598561812; ISBN-13 978-1598561814. Copyright 1962

I hope you share this masterpiece of Heschels’ widely. It is my personal belief, that everyone in ministry should partake of his wealth of insights and wisdom. I eagerly await completing our first week of reading, so that we can exchange ideas, insights and revelation!

There are at least 10 Book Club Members that are eager to delve into Chapter 1 of the book. Be sure to post your comments and insights as you read while they are fresh in your mind. You can post them here or on our bookshelf at Ready for the Exchange!

If you would like to participate in the book club, click the link below, include your email and you will be sent the links to get started today!

Also, you can use the comments tab to let us know what great torah books you are reading right now. Thanks!

My Absolute Favorite Bible!

Some have asked me what Bible I use the most. It was a good question, being that I have quite a few. But my absolute favorite for torah study is:

The Hebrew-Greek Study Bible, Editor Spiros Zodhiates. It is a must own when learning the torah. I purchased mine, over 20 years ago and have bought many other copies since. I love the leather binding, but the hardcover is great for home/desk copies.

You can purchase a copy on,, and many others. Enjoy!

Our Next Book Club Read…

Paul the Jewish Theologian by Brad H. Young

In April, The Book Club finished reading his book entitled, Jesus, the Jewish Theologian. Is was a pleasant and easy introduction to Jesus, as Theologian in the first century, which awesome insight and revelation into his sayings and teachings.

His books are definite eye openers!

You can purchase a copy on,, and many others. Enjoy!

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